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Conventional Treatment System

Conventional Precipitation Solids Separation is useful for separating metal pollutants and solids. In this gravity based process the solids are separated out by precipitation with flow rates up to 1,000 gallons per minute. The solids are typically dewatered in a filter press.


Our membrane based systems provide an effective solution to wastewater treatment problems. Our units meet current as well as proposed new regulations. Some common applications of this technology include plating rinse water, spent coolants, industrial wastewater, groundwater and frac flow-back. Crossflow microfiltration systems maintain very high flow rates with minimal downtime for maintenance. They are also very easy to operate versus alternative technologies. As a result, …

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Nano and RO Filtration

Nano and RO membrane filtration are used to separate molecules 10 to 1,000 times smaller than those typically removed by more conventional methods. We generally use these technologies when reuse is a priority. Recovery is typically 50 to 75%.

Ion Exchange

Ion exchange is used for the recovery of metals found in wastewater. By removing the dissolved ions the water becomes re-usable.   …Read More

Frac Water Treatment

With natural gas exploration expanding into more environmentally sensitive locations, producers rely on J&T Technologies, Inc., technology and expert laboratory support and their strategic partners for responsible and effective frac water treatment that can result in 100% reuse. Read More