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Our Capabilities
J&T Technologies capabilities range from in-house engineering & design services to specification takeoff manufacturing. Our over 20,000 square-foot facility, that includes the latest in state-of-the-art manufacturing and welding equipment can handle any water and wastewater treatment system requirement.

Formal written proposals - that provide all designated equipment and engineering design requirements.

Process Flow Schematic – A detailed process flow diagram depicting incoming wastewater flows, existing and proposed tanks, process equipment, pumps, instrumentation and controls, chemical feed systems, and sludge handling systems. Piping schematics for sizes and routing of process and utility piping, and effluent sewer connection for the treatment system. Detailed engineering for sizing and routing of process and utility piping and effluent sewer connection for the treatment system. Complete operation package which includes equipment manuals, drawings (mechanical and electrical), any other information necessary to maintain the system.

Floor Plans and General Arrangement – Overall plan view of treatment system including new and existing equipment, tanks, pumps, piping, valves, instrumentation, and control panels. Sections and details depicting elevations and orientation of equipment tanks, mixers, pumps, filter press, piping, valves and controls.

Electrical Control Panel Schematics – Electrical control panel layout and schematic wiring diagrams, instrumentation and control; interconnection diagrams, motor starter and control wiring diagrams, and panel elevation depicting location of all switches, lights, alarms, and panel mounted indicators/controls.

Complete operation package - which includes equipment manuals drawings (mechanical and electrical) and other repetitive maintenance documents to support the daily operations of any treatment process.